Set Default Cores?

Is it possible to configure RetroArch to run specific cores for a given system? For instance, through experimentation, I’ve found that I like PicoDrive better than Genesis Plus GX. But I’d still like to keep both cores “just in case”. Is there a way to have RetroArch load PicoDrive automatically for those ROMs in that playlist rather than present a list of suitable cores? If it matters, I’m on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Look at the Settings -> Playlists menu where you can select a core for each playlist. (better put your playlist files in “read only” as each game launched get associated with the core used)

Picodrive can do 32X emulation but its sound is quite bad (compatibility is inferior too I think).

Thanks I’ll take a look at that. :slight_smile:

hey, sorry to revive an old thread everyone but I was wondering the opposite of this question…

now ive set the default cores for consoles/handhelds in the playlist settings, how to i revert them back to n/a ?


In the Playlist Management screen, while on the “Default Core” setting, press space on the keyboard or the start button on your controller. This resets to the default, which is “N/A”. (This works for pretty much any setting in RA, btw. Space/Start means revert the setting to whatever the default is.)

Thank you for your quick reply kind sir!

You have answered what a 15 minute google search could not. Sometimes its just about asking the right questions.