Show your current theme!

I really like Systematic (REALLY), but was curious about how custom themes worked, so I decided to try to do something quick. This is the result:

There are many things that can be improved (removing small text, first of all, and there are some inconsistencies), but I was pretty satisfied. Using only the logos, without a frame would make me go crazy.

Of course after this I went back to Systematic. :slight_smile:

Edit: sorted most of the problems I had with it and uploaded them here:

(lots of copyright infringement, so use at your own risk)


RetroArch Font-Awesome Theme… Was curious what the Font-Awesome icon font would look like in RetroArch. Turns out it works pretty well on top of Monochrome.

RetroArch Material Design

This is nice but “Material Design” is not just a “material” wallpaper and icons. It’s also about the way things move, animations and stuff.

“This is a RetroArch theme which aims to adopt those principles.”

I did not say it is complete. If you have ideas on how it could fully embrace the ideas behind material design, then create issues in the queue and help out, through constructive feedback.

Sorry, I did not mean to be harsh. :slight_smile: I like your theme.

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@radius Great job on implementing Bokeh in the MenuShader Pipeline! How difficult is it to port from Shadertoy? The Geomechanical entry is pretty much exactly what I had envisioned to be the live wallpaper for the Systematic theme, but I had to settle for a static PNG file. If the MenuColor Theme can be applied to that theme the same way you did for Bokeh, that would be incredible!

Minimalist, no animation

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Hi @Kivutar

Thank you for sharing your theme with us. Pls, I wonder if you could share with us your theme. I would like to downloading to use it in my retroarch.

Thanks in advance & B. regards.

hello, i loved your theme, is there a way you can share it so I can install it?

I want this theme can you share it?

Hello! You can download the media fund directly! the subject that I have done is that of mortal kombat. it is available for download:

This theme could be a great alternative to RGui on RPi connected via composite on crt TV (240p)…

A Small Mario themed icon set and wallpaper I,ve been working on, still have absolutely no idea how to import into Retroarch (ver much a noob at theming) so I actually went and changed the icons from another included theme. Busy building my own private arcade style machine and THIS is going to be the main attraction.


I just joined this forum just to ask if you still have this somewhere. I absolutely love the way it looks.

@slakkie any updates or planned release for this theme . Looks amazing

Hey Rene any updates to this , theme looks great and I love Mario themes

Hi guys, no, no update on this "theme, as I said, I’m a complete NOOB at theming for Retroarch and thus I just went ahead and changed some things on the Automatic theme that was included with Retroarch, the Wallpaper file and fonts I downloaded and just inserted them, if anybody can help me with making this a fully working theme I would be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

Hi everyone, I’m looking into customizing RetroArch’s UI with some neat 8-bit icons/font set, but I didn’t entirely dig the one that comes included with the stock installer. I mean, it looks good, but I’d prefer something even cleaner, more minimalist than that, ideally something like OP’s set right at the top of the discussion, only for 1080p.

My researches didn’t get me anywhere, so far. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance!