TheNamec - Mega Bezel Packs Amiga, Commodore 64, VIC20, CRTgaming soon

This thread is about my collections of original overlays and ready-to-go CRT presets powered by @HyperspaceMadness Mega Bezel Reflection Shader technology.

Collection are organized in out-of-the-box thematic packs:

  • Mega Bezel Commodore Pack focuses on famous Commodore hardware, including Amiga, Commodore 64, VIC20, Monitors and some extras
  • Mega Bezel CRT experience simulates “holy grail” professional monitors selected by the r/crtgaming community for top quality pixel-art retrogaming soon to be released!.


Mega Bezel: Commodore RC4.1 (October 9th, 2022)

Download it while it’s still hot on the Official DevBlog

Minimum software requirements:


  • Vector-based original illustrations rendered at 300dpi
  • Bicubic sharper resampling from 300dpi to 72dpi for crispy, super-sampling anti-aliased visuals
  • 16:9 aspect ratio, horizontal, optimized for 1080p and 4k resolutions
  • Adaptive support for horizontal ultrawide displays
  • Photorealistic-like hand drawn shading
  • Historically based details taken from actual hardware, advertising and manuals
  • Remixed familiar elements (ever dreamt about integrated data units?)
  • Perceptive dis-proportion between elements and fan-based branding
  • Retro-modding original alternative designs :wink:


Included in current public Release Candidate 4 (October 2nd, 2022): SYSTEMS & VARIATIONS

  • Commodore Amiga series: A1000, A500, A500 Plus, A600, A600HD, A1200, A1200Synth, Amiga CD32, Amiga CDTV
  • Commodore 64 series: Silver Label, Breadbin, G Series, ALDI, DreanComm
  • Commodore VIC20 series: Golden Label, Mark2, Mark3, VIC-1001
  • Commodore 264 Series: Commodore16


  • Classic Monitors: C1080, C1201 Monochrome, C1702, C1902, C1084, C1084S-D1, C1084S-D2 CDTV Black Edition
  • CRT TVs: Philips 21PT3326-V7
  • Procedural Mega Bezels: Cream, Beige, Darkgray, Black


  • Disk drives: Internal Chinon FB-354 (A500/600/1200), External A1010 (A1000)
  • CD-ROM: Proprietary MKE drive (CD32)
  • Drive Simulator: GoTek-like interface, LCD display, multi-floppy, sd-card and usb (A1200Synth)
  • Datassette: 1530 C2N, 1530 C2N-B (C64, VIC20)
  • Datassette: DC-120 DreanComm (C64 DreanComm)
  • Datassette: 1531 (C264 series)


You are free to choose from an array of fully modelled classic devices including:

  • COMMODORE: Commodore 1201 Monochrome, Commodore 1702, Commodore 1902, Commodore 1084, Commodore 1084S-D1, Commodore 1084S-D2 CDTV Black Edition
  • BEZELTRON CRT SERIES: Philips 21pt3326-v7
  • PROCEDURAL MEGA BEZELS: light (beige, cream) and dark (black, darkgray) variants with per-system custom decals.

Which CRT display would you choose for gaming: a modern FLAT one, or a classic CURVED device? You got variations for each display preset to choose from:

  • CURVED simulates the typical barrel distortion from CRT surface. Bezel and frame are realistically arranged to minimize overscan. May introduce artifacts.
  • FLAT straightens things out, making pixels perfectly orthogonal like expensive last-gen CRTs and modern LCD/OLED panels. Prevents artifacts.

Textures layers logic will automatically take care of resizing for the best gaming experience:

  • NEAR SCALING is a fine-tuned sweet spot between gaming area and a zoomed-in display, the ideal solution for gaming
  • NORMAL SCALING full display chassis is visible, trading a smaller gaming area for a beautiful retro-scenery
  • INTEGER SCALING automatic display zoom for cleanest pixels and less artifacts


Let your retrogames shine! Day lightning makes you enjoy a full lit room showing all accurately rebuilt graphics details.

If you prefer to turn off the lights, Night lightning is easier on your eyes as it simulates a soft, warm lit room full with LEDs lightning from your retrogaming systems.

System presets come with day and night variants for each display out-of-the-box so you can instantly choose the best solution with zero configuration.

Each display comes with it’s own lightning and LEDs layer for a realistic experience fine tuned for both day and night lightning.


Some special “visual mods” are included to enhance retrogaming experience:

  • DATASSETTE LIGHTBULB nothing is better than an old incandescence bulb casting light on yout audiocassette game compilation
  • EMBEDDED DATA DEVICE floppy disk drives and datassette are embedded in the chassis for a compact, all-in-one design
  • AMIGA 1200SYNTH is an original concept for an advanced Synthwave Amiga, equipped with a dark chassis, backlit keyboard, embedded multi-floppy data simulator and optical disk drive. A little cyber, a little punk

:information_source: *Note: AMIGA 1200SYNTH is also available as FS-UAE Amiga emulator theme, sporting exclusive advanced features:

  • Blinking LED indicators
  • Functional multi-floppy data simulator
  • Disk presence switches, track display, access notification
  • Audio indicator
  • Basic curvature and scanlines postprocessing effects

For more info about my FS-UAE themes visit


Retrogaming Packs enable Mega Bezel Reflection Shader graphic caching by default, getting a consistent performance with SMOOTH-ADVANCED, ADVANCED or STANDARD presets. Nevertheless, POTATO alternatives provide accessibility for less powerful machines.

  • ADVANCED (ADV) is a full customizable experience with modular layouts for display scaling and positioning, glass reflections and ambient lightning. This is the way to go to have customization flexibility and performance, with high visual quality and unaltered original artworks
  • SMOOTH-ADVANCED enhances the experience with post-processing passes: ScaleFX smooth resample, fast sharpen, fake scanlines, MDAPT de-dithering for pseudo-transparencies. Post-processing produces higher quality 2D game artworks, while maintaining authentic CRT texture and a little graininess. Truth is: once you taste SMOOTH-ADV, you will never go back!
  • STANDARD (STD) is a faster alternative to ADVANCED and includes CRT postprocessing effects like color grading and display scaling/positioning personalization
  • POTATO (POT) is an insanely performing overlay solution with easy-go CRT masking based on lighter shaders

:information_source: Note: remember that if you find my shader presets to be too heavy for your rig, you can toggle unwanted features and save your custom simple-presets.


  • My father Rocco, for introducing me in Commodore computers gaming at the age of four
  • My girlfriend Sabrina for supporting me in doing something funny, just for fun sake
  • HyperSpaceMadness for his impressive shader and friendly support
  • Duimon for the inspiration and for setting excellent design quality standards

WOW Great work their mate, I see this is very new. So none of the downloads are working as of yet?

May I put in some sort of request. A 16:9 Bezel with the beige 1084S Monitor with “blue Amiga hand and floppy logo” with a Beige Amiga A500 on either side of this monitor, Going from my experience this is the setup most common for Amiga owners back in the day such as myself and many of my friends. I think this would be very popular.

Thanks DK


I’m waiting for Retroarch 1.9.1 to be out, as the pack uses new features. I think it’ a matter of days, according to latest RA news :heart_eyes:

The pack includes presets variations to combine each monitor with each system, so you can have 1084S with A500 out-of-the-box!

PS: This was my exact setup in the 90s!!!


Oh that’s GREAT I look forward to both when they come out :+1: :+1: :grin: :grin: :grin:


These are stunning, I only downloaded Duimon’s sets yesterday and was saddened by the lack of Commodore love. This has made me very happy!


As you know the release of the Mega Bezel Commodore Pack is subdued to next RetroArch version… so to pass some time, here’s some dev screenshots.

Development started in the end of October, after my encounter with @Duimon’s project: he encouraged me to start a Commodore Pack.

Here’s an initial prototype design for an hybrid A500/A1200 overlay, at that time I was experimenting with a more “cartoonish” solution:

Amiga Hybrid early prototype

After meeting up with @HyperspaceMadness and getting deeper in his shader customizable features, I decided to develop the modular monitor design and get proper per-model backdrops, full with lightning

Amiga 500 with 1084 Monitor

Amiga 1200 with 1084S D1 Monitor

So at some point the design went from exaggerate and cartoonish to dis-proportioned and realistic.

To be sure to never look back, prototype source was definitely destroyed. :grin:


can’t wait the amiga cd32 first LOL :slight_smile: good job i love you have an idea for the next realease of retroarch?

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I made them with love, so I love that you love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Ahahah

Well, I have no bare idea. I’m considering developing basic overlays to bypass this blind waiting, but I think the best experience really is in conjunction with HSM Megabezel shader…

Let’s wait a couple of weeks for the final decision! :wink:


New Retroarch is out :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Working hard to get the pack online as soon as possible! RA release on monday night was quite unexpected. Thanks you for your patience, the waiting won’t be long.

Expect updates soon :wink:


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! can’t wait!

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Although it is new, I want to thank you for the enormous work you are doing for this pack, as a designer I know what it means to do something like that, good cheer, I really want to try the pack, it looks incredible.

Thanks Namek and hopefully you upload it soon :grinning:

Sorry for my English I am going with a translator but I had to thank the work. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey guys! A little update: things are proceeding slow and steady as I add that extra ICING we all deserve, lots of new presets have been included and currently under testing.

Moreover, I’m happy to announce a couple new features!

Presets for HSM “Mega Bezel” style frames, full with per-model decal and light/dark variations (meaning you can enjoy maximum play area while keeping cool customization)

Customized intro animation with model-specific logos! Powered by allmighty @HyperspaceMadness efforts

Some design were in need of some love, like the retropimped A1200 with GoTek disk emulator

Sorry for the waiting, but trust me: it will be worth it :wink:


Wow, this makes me extra-proud. Then you can confirm that the last mile is the longest and slowest of the whole design&refine process :grin:

No problem, passion is the future-proof global language! I’m Italian btw, so I enjoy somewhat creative english.


Looks great! I love the new Bezel additions.


WOO!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I get erections just by looking at those shots :laughing: :laughing: :grin:, good job, it looks fantastic, Amiga is one of my favorite platforms.


Looks like you’re popular! :rofl:


WOO!!! It’s getting hot in here or is it just me?! Ahahah :innocent:


I can’t help it, I like it AMIGA :laughing:

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hi i don’t understand that shouldn’t go out with this version of retroarch?