Video Rotation and Screen Orientation

I am having a hell of a time with this, I don’t think it is supposed to be so difficult.

Between these two settings you would think we should be able to get any game to display correctly, but I am running into two issues. (I only need a solution to one of them, both seem like problems.)

First, when you do screen_orientation = “3” (270 degree rotation), the FBNeo core speed is cut in half and even very simple games become sluggish. This is with the Vulkan core. The other orientations don’t seem to cause any performance hit.

Second, when you set video_rotation to anything no change is reflected. So for example I have content-directory configs that re-set the video_rotation value. I know these configs are getting loaded (from the debug logs and because I can change other values and see changes occur). I also can see the value I am trying to set when I open the Retroarch menus and navigate to Video > Output > Rotation. The value is set correctly, but the game display on screen is not presented correctly. In fact, if you change the rotation value in a running game and then change it back to what I was trying to set it to, it DOES fix the game.

But I can never seem to alter video_rotation FROM the config file. Only manually in the menus.

Again, I am using Vulkan and I am mostly using FBNeo.

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Hi there, yes this is a tricky issue. The two options I would suggest are specific shaders which do the rotation for you.

One is guest-sm in the crt directory, and the other is the Mega Bezel Shader.

They both work by having Final Burn NEO output the image on its side, so no video rotation settings, and you set FBNeo’s core settings not to Rotate. The shader then rotates this so the game is vertical. Both have switches to turn on this rotation

The Mega Bezel does a bunch of other fancy stuff but they’re is a version which only adjusts scaling and rotation of the image.

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Haha yes the whole reason I am futzing with my set-up is to USE your MegaBezels!

So I solved problem 2 by doing a clean re-install of Retroarch. It was easier to just do a clean rebuild than to figure out what random CFG file was messing things up.

Problem 1 remains… hopefully that can be corrected.

But like I said, I only needed one of these problems fixed to be back in business. It looks great.

So this is the problem you still have? If so why do you need to change the screen orientation?

For a vertical layout I just have my windows display set to portrait, and in Retroarch I set the aspect ratio to 9:16

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