We just created a new web-based front-end for Retroarch

Here is the Sega Genesis section: https://emulation.ninja/games

The site has a huge repository of emulation information and media.

Think of it as a cross between Twitch/YoutubeGaming/Plex created specifically for emulation.

It will include:

  • Game information
  • Soundtracks
  • Preview Videos
  • Full Play through videos
  • Ability to play your games from any computer (it works like Plex, there is no piracy / illegal downloading of roms etc.).

We are just starting out so we could use the help of the retroarch community to help us improve our product.

If you’re interested in becoming a site admin , let me know.


Let us play games without an account to sample it.



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What functions are in place now?

Agree. We should not need a Account and Log-In to use RetroArch

I’m assuming that by “web-based frontend” they mean that the website has all of the browsing and metadata and all that jazz and you tell it which games you have and then it launches your copy of retroarch with the game through an application launch command.

I’m a big fan of the “similar games” suggestion field. I’ve been cheerleading that sort of game discovery stuff for RetroArch for a while.

That would be wonderful indeed, “when it works”. I tried it at the mentioned site for a moment and when looking at a platform run and gun game it suggest as “similar games”:

  • an overhead style racing game
  • a fighting game
  • a mario bros type platformer

Out of these three only one is vaguely similar.

I’m definitely with you on being a big fan of the similar games feature, but only “when it works”. Here it clearly does not, and then it becomes misinformation (for me personally it then becomes an annoyance).

Is there a possibility they were similar in other ways than genre? For example, did they share developers/publishers? Or were they on the same system? That sort of thing?

I always envisioned a Netflix-style “since you liked X…” suggestion.


I wish I could but your games are tied into your account and it’s a web based system. If we didn’t have account it would mean anonymous users and piracy, we’d get shut down in a week.

One awesome benefit of an account is that your games go with you no matter what computer you play on.

Appreciate the feedback , we just launched the beta yesterday and we similar games section is still being worked on.

We have tons of metadata in our database that we are not using yet so it will become extremely accurate.

Similar games will get much more accurate than this in the next several weeks.

I love that you said that because you hit the nail on the head.

A Netflix style of game browsing is exactly what we are going for, because it’s web-based we can utilize lots of analytics the kinds of games a user likes, and eventually customize the interface for each user.

We also have a game music section in the works that looks and plays similar to spotify (listen to music as you browse for more without interrupting the music).

Current progress on website, all these features are currently live but different completion status:

Game Scanner Automatically detects games based on a combination of factors (filenames, hashtags etc.). 100% done.

Automatic Retroarch Version Detect It will automatically run the best version of the retroarch core for your particular game file. So you won’t have to figure out if your zip file needs retrocore2003, 2010 etc. 50% done

No asset downloads No need to download videos, screenshots or other assets. Our front-end is HTML5 based so it’s all cloud-hosted for free for you. 100% done

Cloud-sync / Play from any computer If you have game X on Computer 1 and you install our front-end on Computer 1 and computer 2… you can play games on computer 2 without manually copying any files over. 100% done

Game information (metadata, tags etc.):

  • MAME: 70%
  • Genesis: 90%
  • Master System: 98%
  • NES: 90%
  • SNES 90%:
  • Turbo Grafx/ Duo: coming next
  • Sega CD: coming next
  • Gameboy/Color/Advance: coming soon
  • Game Gear: coming soon
  • PS1: coming soon

Game Soundtracks:

  • MAME: 0%
  • Genesis: 98%
  • Master System: 95%
  • NES: 10%
  • SNES 80%:
  • Sega CD: coming up next
  • Turbo CD: coming soon

Game Video Previews

  • MAME: 95%
  • Genesis: 98%
  • Master System: 95%
  • NES: 95%
  • SNES 95%:

Similar Games 25% done

New version out guys. Check it out.

What if your company goes out of business? Who would my server authenticate against? My local server files would become useless. Is there an option to set authentication at my local home server level instead of authenticating to the cloud?

That’s a risk with any company but I built this program for my self first and have been using it since 2010 and only decided to share it with others recently. The cloud is here to stay and so are we. Unless me and my partners get hit by a series of separate, unfortunate accidents.:face_with_head_bandage:

When you share your games with other computers, an encrypted copy is created on the cloud. Even if the cloud goes down, you can still play locally on the source computer, your files will never be lost.

Our authentication servers are on the Amazon cloud. Their up-time is 99.9% guaranteed by Amazon.

Sorry, we won’t be supporting authentication through local servers. Our system was always built with the cloud in mind. However, in the case that we ever do decide to shut down, we’ll publish a 5 minute tutorial on how to setup your own authentication server on amazon. It’s very easy and anyone can do it for free! That way all our users can still use our program for free when we’re no longer around.