What are your favorite games?


Forever a fan of Toejam and Earl 2: Panic on funkotron


GTA but I don’t do the missions I just ride around explore and crash the cars in funny ways.haha


I’ve been playing Streets of Rage 1/2 recently with the gennie cores in RA. Also been trying out the various Street Fighter character hacks for the games just for giggles. Probably looking at another run through of Secret of Mana using the MSU1 CHIP emulation for the game music.

:stuck_out_tongue: :beers:


If you asked me about current favorite games, I’d probably mention Team Fortress 2 and osu!, but since we’re talking retro here… :wink:

In terms of retro games, I really don’t have a favorite yet. I only had a Famicom with Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Contra, Tank City and… that’s it. I even had a Commodore 64 for a brief while, which I had no idea how to use, so it quickly ended up in the pile of old electronics. Sadly, few years ago when I found it, it was broken… But I’m about to take a deep dive into retro games, maybe I’ll find a favorite across all these old systems!


Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, and you know I’m about to get into A Link to the Past and Phantom Hourglass


My favorite games of all time really haven’t changed much in the last 10 years. Maybe I’m old? I dunno. But… ActRaiser, Super Metroid, Silent Hill, Saints Row 3, Portal, Shadow of the Colossus, Earthbound, Mega Man 2/X and Skyrim. Plenty more games I love but those are the major ones I come back to.


This might sound odd but My favorite games are as follows…

  1. Drawn to life (DS)
  2. Mario Series
  3. Metroid Series
  4. Megaman Zero (gameboy){only because I’ve never played any original Megaman Games}

  1. Phantasy Star Online (DreamCast/GameCube)
  2. Record of Lodoss War (DreamCast)
  3. Super Mario World
  4. Donkey Kong Country


I’m hoping to try and play Mickey Mania on Ps1. Just posting here so I can finally make a thread to get some help with the Ps1 emulator.


The ones that i played younger ! Most than all of the others. Years later you are able to finish them if you doesn’t. And if it’s a sega game… you are able to make a lot of saves to preserve your mental, and it’s great.

But I try multiplayers games too, because I don’t have the time to play alone . And Micromachines are the bests ones (ps: don’t play them on Nintendo, I am a Nintendo guy but this was made for Sega consoles and it’s better there)


Sonic, both 3D and 2D.


Arcade: KOF '96, '97, '98 Street Fighter 2 (all versions) Capcom vs SNK SNK vs Capcom

Console: Puzzle and Action (SS) Decathlete (SS) Super Mario World (SNES)

Portable: Mario 3D Land (3DS)


Let me guess, you are aged about 35~40?


CvS2 is definitely a very balanced and good fighting game, and fairly it is better than CvS1 in most aspects. However, I love CvS1 more. Because when it comes out, it just blew my mind and made my dream come true.


Anything shmup and fighters. My rig consists of mostly those type games…


Metroid Fusion, Suikoden 2, Klonoa 2 and Berserk. The latter two are for dev versions of PCSX2. The former two are for GBA and PS1 played on Retroarch :slight_smile:


I am a big fan of JRPGs. I pretty much play all RPGs as well as Strategy games. I love the Disgaea games, Fallout games, and the Witcher 3.


Super Mario Bros. 3!