Windows 10 RetroArch will not run certain PSX games with Beetlecore


I’ve got a large number of PSX games working fine on Retroarch, but there are a few that seem to have issues. Most start normally, but wind up hanging very quickly. I’ll outline each case here:

Front Mission 3 - Boots up with ‘Now Loading’ in the lower left corner, loads forever)

Gensosuikoden vol .1 - Works until I press start at the title screen, then I am unable to select any of the game start options

Gensosuikoden vol .2 - Same issue

Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth - Runs until the first story scene begins, then hangs

Jade Cocoon - Hangs immediately after pressing start at the title screen

Mega Man Legends - Hangs at loading screen on start

Mega Man Legends 2 - Retroarch crashes at Capcom screen

Metal Gear Solid - Starts up at black screen, hangs

Parasite Eve 2 - Hangs at Squaresoft logo

Wild Arms 2 - Black screen after pressing start from the title, hang

Although when and where it happens is kind of a different, all the game seems to have a common feature of hanging shortly after starting except for MM2, which crashes Retroarch almost immediately.


I have several of these games and i have zero problems. Do you have the correct bios in the system’s folder? Beetle’Mednafen is rather picky about what bios it will accept.


There’s an option to increase the virtual cd loading speed, it’s usually the last option in the core, make sure that it’s in the default value (2x), games that doesn’t support faster loadings will hang just the way you describe in your post.


Alright, I found that the problem was that retroarch was not booting these games in the mednafen/beetle core, but PCSX Rearmed instead. This was because my frontend (Launchbox) didn’t have mednafen as the associated platform like I thought.

I fixed that, and now all the games I listed are working fine. Now to just test the other 65 or so games that had previously worked…


I can’t post new threads yet but the reason I made an account was to ask if anyone could help me replicate a bug regarding Retroarch and PSX Beetle on Windows.

Any user I make on Windows that is not admin, or does run retroarch as admin cannot load any PSX game with Beetle. Instead, it loads all of them to the memory card management screen instead.

The moment I right click and run as admin, it loads the game perfectly. I cannot figure why this is. This is a fresh install of windows and retroarch, and the non-admin user attempting to run retroarch is a kiosk account. It cannot have admin.

Has anyone heard of this before or know why Retroarch + Beetle PSX requires admin credentials? Could someone make a new non-admin account on Windows, start retroarch and try to load a PSX game with beetle for me?