X-Arcade Tankstick for Player 2 Does Not Work

I recently setup Retroarch. It works great with standard, USB gamepads, but not with my X-Arcade Tankstick.

I want to use the Tankstick as a keyboard input for both players 1 & 2. This way, I can leave my gamepads (2 Dualshock 4s) connected and swap back and forth as I see fit. At least, that’s my goal.

The default button to keyboard mapping on the Tankstick seemed wonky for use in Retroarch, so I changed it. I made a new mapping on my Tankstick to match the default player 1 mappings and utilize un-used keys for the player 2 mappings. Please see the attached image for how I programmed my Tankstick for Retroarch.

When I use RetroArch to bind the controls for player 2, it recognizes my new mapping from my Tankstick and appears to map it correctly. It shows I’ve mapped 'J; as Up, ‘B’ as right, etc. It allows me to use the Tankstick to set the mapping even.

When I launch a game (I’ve only tested NES and SNES games so far), it acts like there is no controller attached for player 2. Player 1 works fine with either the Tankstick or the attached USB game pad. Player 2 will only work with the game pad. If no game pads are plugged in, player 1 works fine and player 2 does not work at all from the tankstick or the keyboard.

Is there a setting I am missing which prevents the keyboard from actually being used for player 2?

Thanks in advance for any help.

This may come too late for the OP, but I have just posted the first draft of an X-Arcade configuration guide: Experimental: Configuration for X-Arcade Tankstick & Dual Joystick

I hate to bump an old thread, but this thread comes up prominently in search results for these terms :sunflower: