1.7.7 Shader Issue

With 1.7.7 OpenGL stable, applying a shader causes RA to crash. So I tried a nightly version (2019-07-11 06:09). RA no longer crashes, but applying a shader doesn’t work. If I exit a game and go back, the shader pass is back at 0. I’m on a 2017 13” MacBook Pro running 10.14.5. Anyone else experience this issue and know of a fix?

Can you post a log? That should give us an idea of what’s going wrong.

I’m using this line in the folder where RetroArch is located:

retroarch --menu --verbose --log-file ~/retroarch.log

I get this:

-bash: retroarch: command not found

My experience with the command line is limited. Am I doing something wrong?

Is the macOS version a regular app bundle? If so, start it with:

open -a RetroArch.app --args --menu --verbose --log-file ~/retroarch.log

(Assuming the app bundle is actually named “RetroArch”.)

I removed -a and it worked. Thanks. Here’s the log.