11 Inputs - Binding to Users

I cannot figure out how to assign ports to users on a per-core basis. Running 1.9.0, my setup includes:

Inputs 1-4: Joysticks Inputs 5-6: SNES Controllers Inputs 7-8: N64 Conrtollers Inputs 9-10: PS2 Controllers Input 11: Trackball

When running SNES9x, I want: Player 1 = Input 5 Player 2 = Input 6

And so on for other cores.

All are mapped in the general settings. When I pull up the settings within a game I cannot change this within the Controls menu. I’ve tried to create a core config file, but that didn’t seem to do anything. I apologize if this is answered somewhere. I’ve spent literally days trying to research this…

I think you can manually put the device index into an existing config override, but if you re-save the override for whatever reason, you’ll lose the manually added line.

I tried to create a Snes9x remap file and use:

input_player1_joypad_index = “5”

And this didn’t do anything. I this what you mean?

Yes, but try putting it into a config override instead of a remap. The options in remaps are a little weird, while the overrides are just config fragments.

Yep, created an override file and adjusted the inputs. Worked perfectly. Thank you!!

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