1440p Monitor question

https://www.amazon.com/ViewSonic-XG270QG-Enhancements-Advanced-Ergonomics/dp/B07VP9GS1Q I plan on picking up this monitor soon to replace my current first gen G-Sync display but I wanted to know if my current card will be enough for it and what I want to do… Basically using more higher grade shaders designed around 1440p. I’m still rockin’ a GTX 970 and an i5-4690k but I plan to upgrade whenever the hell Ampere comes out. Will my current GPU & CPU combo be powerful enough for somewhat more advanced CRT shaders at 1440p?

You can probably test this by defining a higher custom resolution than the native one of your display and then switching to it,or use the DSR feature, both should be possible through the Nvidia Panel.

…I’m using a 1080p monitor, i’m pretty sure it’s gonna look like crap if I do that

Got Royale-kurozumi running at 300~350fps with snes9x smw in fullscreen with an i5-3570k + nvidia 770 in 1440p.
Just make sure you set the power management option on “max perf” in nvidia panel. (that helps for latency too)

You’ll probably figure out why it doesn’t matter how it looks with this kind of test if you think about it a little. I’ve used this method on a 900p monitor with Win7, Retroarch looks fine (certainly good enough for measuring what you want, the desktop is another matter.)

Use NVidia DSR. Enable a bunch of them (2.x, 2.5x, etc.) One of them should give you a resolution near 2560x1440. Use that to test if the GPU is up to it.