2 different Controller Setups for Genesis/Master System Core



i use Retroarch on a Windows 10 machine with EmulationStation Frontend. For the moment I use original Genesis and SNES gamepads with USB adapters, I have set 2 different Core Remap files for the Genesis and SNES core to use the different gamepads, which works fine.

Now I want to add some Master System Games, and use an original Master System Gamepad with the same USB adapter that I use for the Genesis Pads(Mayflash Genesis USB Adapter).

How can I add a third profil for the Master System Pads?

The Mayflash Adapter does not recognize which pad is plugged in, so in Retroarch both the Genesis and Master System Pads have the same name and are handled as ONE and the Same Pad.

Second idea is to make a third Core Remap File for Master System games, but I think the same core is used for Genesis and Master System games(Genesis Plus GX)

Third idea is to make a Game Remap File for each Master System Game, but that would be a lot of work…

Any ideas how I can manage this?


We don’t have per-gamepad remaps, and, as you mentioned, per-core doesn’t work with the same core. Your best bet is probably to use a different core for SMS, such as Picodrive.


What if you make a copy of the Genesis Plus GX core, rename it (for example Genesis Plus GX MS) and use it for Master System games?


You can sort of do that. It needs to be renamed internally and recompiled, though. There’s a thread here with a script for making “split” cores that can be used like that.


Yeah the split core script is wonderful. It is exactly what ts needs I believe.


Content directory remaps can be used for this (relatively new feature).