2 gamepads / binding



i have a problem with retroarch 1.5 on android: i try to use 2 logitech USB gamepads. It works not on all android devices. For example on my galaxy tab 3 it works:

  • input user 1 binds says device index: Logitech Logitech® Precision™ Gamepad (#1)
  • input user 2 binds says device index: Logitech Logitech® Precision™ Gamepad (#2) -> so on my galaxy tab it works.

but on my surftab breeze it seems like retroarch thinks both gamepads are the same ?

  • BOTH input user n binds says device index: Logitech Logitech® Precision™ Gamepad (not #1 or #2 !!!)
  • BOTH gamepads behave like it’s #1

I use the same gamepads - and the same USB hub! You might think it’s hardware related of tablet ? Now: on this table N64 and SNES emulator work - with both gamepads.

any idea ?


Just go into settings > input > p1 or p2 input binds and change the device index so they’re not the same and it should work.


hello, thank you for the answer. But how should i change this ? When i click on “User 1|2 Device Index” nothing happens.

Anyway: i did a re-installation from scratch in the meanwhile. I don’t know what’s different this time - but this time it works! I already tried SNES emulation with 2 gamepads -> works.

But what i actually wanted to have is a AMIGA-emulation with 2 USB-gamepads. Retroarch seems to be the only AMIGA-emulator on android that supports 2 gamepads (at least as far as i know). I couldn’t get this P-UAE running yet. When i run P-UAE i configure kickstart.rom and ADF-floppy files as usual. But when i start the emulation i only get a black screen, and Retroarch freezes. I tried some other AMIGA-emulators on this tablet - they all work - but they don’t support 2 gamepads.

any idea about this P-UAE - problem ?



The guide above should help you get running Not sure about 2 gamepads though


I checked the 2 gamepads again. like i said: on my surftab breeze the binding just says: Logitech Logitech® Precision™ Gamepad (not #1 or #2 !!!)
I think it actually says #1, #2 or similar - i just cant’ see it on this small 7" screen - this text is to large - it’s cutted.

can i somehow make the retrocarch font smaller to see the whole text ?



I have 2 gamepad, I can not configure them in retroarch, I can detect them as a single gamepad, what can I do? These gamepad https://es.gearbest.com/game-controllers/pp_424407.html

Thank you


Have you tried going into settings > input > p1 (or p2) input binds and changing the device index to one of them to use the other controller?


HELLO! I enter the device index and I only see a gamepad, they are both well linked but being the same brand and model only appears a gamepad, I do not know what to do … Thank you


If they’re identical controllers, there should be two entries for them in the device index, though it’s difficult to tell which one you’re choosing (since they show up with identical names).


Hello! As you can see, two controls are connected and synchronized, but only one appears …