2 players controller issue

Here’s my problem: whenever a second controller is added the ports are swapped and the second controller controls everything. I’ve checked in the input options and couldn’t find anything to fix this. Anyone has an idea on how to fix this issue?

What platform? Windows, linux? What controllers?

Im not really sure how to fix your issue though, im not very technical.

Um there is an option for “all users control memu” somewhere

I’m running Lakka OS. All controllers works fine, the issue is that when a second controller is plugged in there a port swap. When I play on my own, my controller is set to port #0 and I can control Lakka with it, but when I plug my wife controller as well it takes on port #0 and I can’t control anything afterward even with setting for all players to control Lakka on.

Did you figure this out? I have the same issue running the swanstation core in retroarch for PS1 games on a Windows 10 PC