2024 silent hill arcade possible now with retroarch?

so with newest retroarch with newest mame core and fba core silent hill arcade possible boot now?

FBA died in 2019, its sequel FBNeo doesn’t support 3D games neither plan to.

MAME has some support for a few 3D systems from the 90s, i wouldn’t expect that game you are talking about to be supported before 2040.

For arcade systems based on PC hardware, you should use Teknoparrot.


thank you

in 2021 retroarch fbalpha core when play zeroteam the sound effect is miss

i just try today at 2024 zeroteam is fixed…

i always use android retroarch no windows…

teknoparrot didnt have android port right?

Afaik it doesn’t, and it doesn’t sound realistic for an android device to emulate a [email protected]