3DS Retroarch PSX core doesn't recognize controls?

Hi All.

I deleted my old retroarch 1.7.6 which was working fine. Installed the nightly build 1.9.0 and all the cores work great except for the PSX core. It doesn’t detect my controls. I went into the menu and mapped the controls and still nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try going into the core options and change the multitap setting from “auto” to “disabled”.

I’m looking everywhere and cannot find the multitap settings. I thought it would be in “Quick menu” > “Options”

that’s where it should be. I think you need to enable ‘show input options’ or something like that, back out of the menu and then come back and it should be there…?

Found It! Unfortunately there is still no response from the controls.

hmm, aside from that, the usual “make sure your input device is set to dual shock (or not as the case may be)” is all I got :man_shrugging:

Thanks for your help. I’ll see if a clean install of retroarch will help the issue

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Yup. A clean install fixed the issue.

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