4 wireless controllers and changing player

I have two wireless (2.4) SNES type controllers, and two XBOX type controllers (2.4) again.
Setting these up has been somewhat of a nightmare… I’ll startup Retro and it will show the controller flash message, but sometimes it will say something like 152/247 controller. My only recourse is to delete the config file and start over… But that’s not my main question, just some insight…

I have everything setup the way it needs to be and put the config in readonly mode for now…

My question is, is it possible to tell games I want to use X controller instead of Y controller?
SNES style are assigned to 1 and 2. XBOX is assigned to 3 and 4.

Lets say Mario Kart (N64), two player game… I want to tell it to use the XBOX controllers. As it is now, it only will use the SNES style controllers.

Is this possible or am I looking at plugging and unplugging each time and assigning buttons? Been searching here for answers and other various sources as well because I know Windows will screw me over when I reboot also and change the controllers.

I’m running Retro 1.8.8 (lower left of screen) built date May 2020. Windows 10, hdmi to 4k tv.

Thanks for any insight!!! I will be greatly appreciated!

You might try the just-released v1.9.0, which overhauled the autoconfig matching process to be more consistent. In the past, dinput and xinput were more interwoven and it led to autoconfigs from one category sometimes jumping over to the other and falsely matching with devices (or not).

If you use the dinput driver, there’s an external utility called ‘devreorder’ that can help you keep consistent numbering/positions for devices.

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Thank you very much. I’ll look for this release and check out the devreorder.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know much of the terminology when it comes to settings so I try to make any changes unless I really mess up or can’t get things working.

Maybe someone can answer this when it comes to wireless controllers… Good idea / Bad idea??? The use of a USB hub for the 2.4 dongles. Use a USB Hub for more controllers to be plugged in or avoid it?

Having the same issue with arcade controls + light guns + xbox one wireless controllers. Can the autoconfiguration be disabled?