4k Firestick Max Bluetooth Game Controller auto remaps to port 2

If I open up retroarch with my new amazon remote the remote autoconfigs to port 1. Then if I try to start using my bluetooth game controller it autoconfigs to port 2. This only happens with the 4k firestick max. On the original 4k firestick my bluetooth game controller would auto config to port 1. Retroarch please fix this!

yep i have the same problem…messed about for hours trying get round it…reverted back to the std 4k stick n boom…works…anybody else noticed this…bought the max for the extra horsepower running the later gen games…cant at mo…ironically if i install standaline emulators…they work but i do like the setup of retroarch being in one place…must b sometgung different between the two firestuck variants that retroarch hasnt been tested with yet as its a new stick?