[5$] Wine core

I like a wine core that works on every platform with steam and proton support

What else could I ask for this Christmas than a Linux RetroArch core, to emulate Linux and run Windows libraries to run games with thousands of wine errors, which in other cores already run perfectly?

Well, let that core be on Windows RetroArch too!


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Why not emulate a virtual PC in which we will give countless cpus and GHz then emulate everything there and be done for good. Got you fixed

PCem, x86box, etc…

But, in any case, I prefer to put an modern nvidia and OpenGL support to PURE, that’s all you need to have the perfect PC emulator.

There is this new core, RVVM, which can run full, regular, modern OS images made for RISC-V hardware: https://docs.libretro.com/library/rvvm/

I haven’t gotten any full distros to run in it, myself, but the stripped-down linux demo it comes with runs Doom quite well :stuck_out_tongue:


A core that virtualizes a processor, runs linux, and runs DOOM?

It will be shareware or port? :eyes:
the native FD/CD I can’t even get it under a rock.

Sounds very interesting, but my brain is limited and I can’t think of anything but TUX Racer to run!