6 button controller support for amazon build of retroarch

Hello, I’ve been trying to setup my bluetooth retrobit genesis controller in the amazon android version of retroarch. It autoconfigs and detects the controller. Unfortunately it maps the buttons incorrectly. The problem I have is that it only gives me the option to remap controls for a standard controller. So ABC and XYZ and shoulder buttons don’t appear. Already tried different cores and pairing my controller in different modes. Seems to be a problem with retroarch itself. Please help :pray:

If it’s being mis-recognized (happens often when companies re-use their VID/PIDs to save money), it will report the wrong button labels in quick menu > controls, as well.

Thanks that didn’t help whatsoever lol

You’re not giving me/us much to work with here. Is it identifying it correctly and just mapping it wrong? Is it identifying it as the wrong controller by name?

If it’s the right name but the wrong mapping, your pad may need a firmware update, or our autoconfig profile may match an earlier release of the gamepad (hence, reused vid/pid but different mapping), which would necessitate a new autoconfig profile and/or manual mapping.

If you don’t know about the “retropad” abstraction, it will never offer up C and Z buttons to map because its arbitrary, placeholder names follow Nintendo-style naming. This doesn’t mean you can’t map C and Z, you just have to put them on L1/R1 or R1/R2 or whatever instead.

When I used retroarch on my genesis mini it had C and Z buttons as well as 6 button config support. It went under binds. Oh well, I updated my controller profiles and had to remap the buttons to L and R. Just thought there was a better fix or layout configuration option. I mean the controller works fine in the menu, but in game I have to remap every time.