8bitdo PRO 2 backpedal buttons ARE remappable

i just found out that you can remap the pedal buttons

if you switch the controller, to D (d-input mode) mode and set retroarch´s input driver to d-input retroarch recognize the buttons now as additional buttons .

also DON´T load a profile in this D-Input mode the buttons only working without a mapping from the ultimate software itself , you could unmap them in the profiles i guess

kinda strange i was pretty sure i allready testet that exactly this way a year ago where i got it. read so many other posr where all hope where lost for this function it seemed.

and still couldn´t find a solution til today somewhere , so i thought i spread the word

ps. xpadder works aswell in this mode

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Thanks for the info. I love the Pro 2. I use it exclusively for my preset development because the “Home” button is so accessible.

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^^ oh you use it too ? ^^ i am a big fan of their stuff since my sn30+

oh i forgot DON´T load a profile in this D-Input mode the buttons only working without a profile loaded or perhaps you set them to empty in the profile should work to

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I have that SN30 and the Sega Saturn style controller. I like the Saturn controller, but the SN DPAD is constantly mis-pressing “down” (like the down button is too sensitive) so I wasn’t a big fan of that one.


I really like the 8bitdo controllers their are just made for emulation and nintendo nerds like me xD , i heard that the normal sf30 and sn30 had some hit or miss d-pads but i was suprised how well all of them i bought worked

and the dpad that the Pro 2 has is maybe the best i ever had , after my og snes controller of course^^ and believe it or not , i set up the SN30+ in dolphin standalone in a way that allows me to play wii sports just fine with the motion sensor held like a remote of course^^

my 8bitdo collection so far

btw their is a easy way to fix the sn30 dpad a friend did these on 4 controllers and all are working well now

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Sweet. Let me know how or link me to a tutorial if you don’t mind. Thanks.