8bitdo sn 30 pro. Firmware 1.29 changes

So far what I got in testing

All on usb

Start + b Analog sticks acting on it’s own

Start + d Analog sticks acting on it’s own

Start + y Show up as HID device, can’t configure

Start + x Registers as xbox 360 controller

Start + x only works doing power on with start +x, connect to usb and boot lakka. Plug it into a running system works about half of the time.

Doublecheck device id and hid, it’s the same as the 360. Will investigate further.

Someone just submitted autoconfig profiles from their new GBros adapters and they show up as generic xinput devices that conflict with 360 pads. I really, really hope this isn’t intentional on their part and that they don’t do it for every single one of their controllers :grimacing:

Oh that’s bad. For now I’m checking if there is any button diffrences between the 360 and the sn 30 pro on usb mode. Then moving on to bluetooth.

To make it worse they released the same controller again with minor diffrence. Sn 30 Pro Version 2018 with clear background on the buttons and the 2017 which I’ve here.

I checked hashes for the .dat files on both firmwares and till now they are the same. Pray they don’t make a 2018 specific firmware and a 2017 one.

Concluding this because on their support site the update log for 2018 version links to here http://support.8bitdo.com/#data_history_sn30pro_v2018

And the 2017 update log for the discontinued one further down the page links to here http://support.8bitdo.com/#data_history_sn30pro

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The good news, it follows the 360 button layout one to one on start + x usb mode. Checked every button, no diffrence. Here’s the saved /udev/-.cfg just to make sure. https://ghostbin.com/paste/76qs3

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And in the trash it goes. All 4 bluetooth modes same behaviour. Analog sticks having sort of ghost input as if they where calibrated incorrect. Holding them up and a bit inwards it stops.

Usb registers as 360, bluetooth all modes as 8bitdo sn

Nevermind, got the same bt mode twice. Pro controller mode start + y works! But the mapping is diffrent to 1.26

1.29 Pro controller bluetooth mapping https://ghostbin.com/paste/e3gfg

Tldr: For 1.29 in usb use start + x, play as 360 pad For bluetooth pair as switch controller start + y and use this remap https://ghostbin.com/paste/e3gfg