9-slice support for Overlays [$50]


Hi, it’s been a while since my last post…

Some people like to add frame border overlays to their favorite handhelds, some other like to use a different aspect ratio, or scale the video to fit, while keeping the closest aspect ratio as the original system.

The problem is, for every overlay graphic there is, it’s author has to create the multiple variations a TV can have, in order to match a desired resolution (that’s why there are different graphic packs for different resolutions). And remember that bigger graphics sizes come with a price of memory…

So, I’m offering the challenge to add support for 9-slice graphics, allowing adaptation for every TV resolution (4k displays included), while saving some memory in the process…

This feature would allow to adjust the border values in the Overlay menu.

Please feel free to share your opinions about this idea. Thx


I know this isn’t a universal solution, and can cause some sections of the image to be distorted as it may be not prepared for 9-slice.

But having this, coupled with a 2-layer support fo the Overlays, in the feature, could be a great way to make everyone happy while improving performance.