A $200 VGA which can beat PS4 Pro ? Count me in

Ok so i’ve got this Second hand VGA for $186 to be exact, yes you can buy the MSI RX 580 or any other brand AMD RX 580 VGA brand new for around $190 to $240, the reason i’ve got the second hand so expensive is that the brand new one would’ve cost me around $80 more in this junkyard country because the situation in here is so rough, we have Coronavirus and the Country itself is have its own problems, like recession, and items barely imported in here for the past few months duo to these various issues, so my options was pretty tight. So anyway, this VGA would cost you less than $200 for a brand new one and it can beat PS4 Pro !!! This is, amazing

As you can see this is it, it also has a bit dust on its cooling system which i was unable to fully clean it, the air blower had no affect removing the dust and i don’t have the skills and proper tools to actually open this up and clean everything, so, i don’t know, it works however, it doesn’t make any noise at all with various tests i took because it wasn’t used that much the owner only used it for bunch of games and suddenly he switched to a newer version duo that he bought it cheap before we encounter problems in this country.

As you can see the PCB is quite big because it’s a 256 bus interface, in the past i was all about the Consoles and, i wouldn’t trade a PS4 Pro or XBOX One X for anything else but, when i saw on YouTube that a less than $200 VGA can play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with around 60 FPS, it completely blew my mind so i immediately searched around town and found one in a great shape. However, all things aside, PS4 Pro is around for almost 6 years and it only had some minor improvements such as an extra 512MB vRam over the regular PS4, so, it wasn’t that much of a deal and, after almost 6 years it’s pretty natural that a budget VGA would beat the Console because technology always changes. I also purchased 16 GB of DDR4 Ram which has 2600 Mhs speed, and combined with the VGA’s own 8GB of GDDR5 memory, this can play 30FPS PS4 Pro games in between 50 to 60 FPS with not much preassure. Also the good news is it only requires around 180W of power and it also has multiple inputs, it can support upto 4 monitors altogether However it doesn’t have the latest technology which ultra new VGAs have such as Ray Tracing, but since it can beat all current Consoles that’s enough for me.

Yeah, those GPUs are a great deal. I’ve been thinking of picking one up, as well.

Have to mention the clock speed can be upto 1600 MHz if overclocked however this beast can beat every PS4 Gen games with base clock, 60FPS 1080p or higher without tempering with itI would be happy if i can find a Ryzen 5 3600 for the actual price in this dump, however i was unsuccessful so far But, an AMD Athlon current gen with 2 Cores can be enough to even compete with PS4 Pro’s 2.4 GHz CPU but, i still rather to find a Ryzen 5 in case for higher resolution but it’s no need if u just want higher power than PS4 Pro

A while ago the best budget card was RX470, i think around 100€ and can match the clock of RX570. I got a used GTX1070 for 200€ 6 months ago that beats all these cards and probably the 580 too. It’s a monster, can play Zelda BOTW in Cemu together with a Ryzen 1600 and 16gb ram easily at 60fps with around 35-40% gpu usage. Witcher 3 full details not a single frame less than 60fps

Yes 1070 GTX is great however depending on where u live, as i said u can purchase a new 580 with around €150 but, in my place, i had no choice or other option The situation here is getting worse every month so,

I think 580 is a decent card in Emulation as well, Speaking of which, i wish there would be Cores available for Wii U in RetroArch, do u think that would happen? 3DS also

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