A few questions from a new user.

I have throught about posting for a while but here goes.

Firstly I wanted to know how do I use keyboard in a core that uses it i.e if I want to play ZX Spectrum or C64. When I load a file the game loads but I can’t do anything else.

This one i’m not sure how to ask, its more of a query than a question, basically I want to delete non essential files. Currently I delete shaders and autoconfig folders as I don’t use them. Before anyone queries it, the part of the reason is I have retroarch running of a Win 2 off a micro SD and transferring Retroarch to it takes ages otherwise, I also have it on desktops and laptops and its more just I want to get rid of what I don’t need.

I did delete most of the xmb files in the autoconfig folder and the software works but nags me about missing assets and I get no cursor icon.

I was wondering if there could be an option to get a plain install missing most xmb files bar essentials and have a seperate option to add extras.

On that right now I use a basic xmb as I prefer to just click or use controller and go straight to what I need, but if someone knows a niceish one I could use.

If I remember the other thing I wanted to ask I will add it lol.

If you want to avoid the assets altogether, just use the RGUI menu, which doesn’t need any assets at all, AFAIK.