A Paddle Controller designed for PC

Well, before i own an NES, well actually i didn’t own an NES but i did own a Famicom, anyway that’s not the matter today, i owned an Atari 2600 back then and, i was a fan of games such as ice break which i used to play it with a Paddle controller, a Paddle Controller is, ummm, how should i explain, imagine the analoge wheel on your Apple Watch, that was actually the gamepad which you regain control of your spaceship or a boat to turn the object on your screen left or right So, well, i know i can emulate authentic games from Atari Ages which worked with such controller on RetroArch or whatever but, i also want the feel of using such device again to play those games that requires it However i never found any such device which would’ve specifically designed to work with a PC or an emulator and, was wondering if there’s any solution for it, i don’t know isn’t there anything, any company that would make something like this for people like me who want to enjoy those games with that type of controller anymore ? :frowning:

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X-Arcade just added a Button-Hole Spinner to their catalog.


A similar device is available on Amazon.


They both have an integrated USB mouse board so should work with anything.

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