About adding new cores on Retroarch Wi U

Hello everyone,

I added Retroach on my Wii U but one mystery remains.

I wanted to add cores to play N64, Gamecube,Ps one…When I go to “Online updater” and then, to “Content downloader”, I see I can download cores. But no way to install them. Is it really possible to play on these systems or there’s no way to install them on your Wii U. I really need help, I spent hours to understand it and can’t find any information about it :sob:


The wiiu is a shitty emulation box, don’t expect any post-snes system to work, it’ll already struggle with lots of 16-bits arcade systems.

The only good news is that you don’t need an emulator to play gamecube on a wiiu, it’s supported natively as long as you follow the right tutorials.

Yeah, no N64 (aside from Wii VC injections), Gamecube is native-ish via Nintendont. There was some work recently to try and get PS1 going but it fizzled. Someone might pick it up sometime, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Ok. Thanks for the information. I will try these methods to succeed.By the way, I have tried to play several SNES games and there is no problem to report.

PS : I have the feeling I have made some mistakes in my sentences. I’m French and I don’t often use the English language so my english is not perfect :sweat_smile:

Your english is fine. Perfectly understandable :slight_smile: