About compiling Amlogic S812 Retroarch !Help

I googled all night last night, but I still didn’t understand what I had missed, which made retroarch unable to start


Your error is still “couldn’t find a suitable DRM device” which suggests that it’s a driver issue, not a compiling issue, AFAIK.

What should i do now?

Either get a driver that’s compatible with EGL/KMS (or the vulkan equivalent KHR_Display or whatever it’s called) or run RetroArch from within an X session.

How do I run Retroarch in an X session?

usually from a desktop environment

Need to install a desktop?

that’s the most common way, but not entirely necessary. If you can get a terminal open in an X/Wayland session without a desktop environment, that should work fine, too.

How can I install X/Wayland

I don’t know. It depends on the host distro. If it’s debian-based, it’s probably something like “sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop” or something like that. Probably the easiest route is to see if there’s a regular desktop linux distro available for your device, like Ubuntu, which will come with a desktop environment preinstalled.

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@clondy999 Which option did you use to compile RetroArch ? Which distro did you use ?

@gouchi I used the armbian distribution, which I compiled by myself. At present, it should be the video driver, I don’t know how to solve it

@Demetris I know libreelec, but I don’t know how to build retro, and none of the commands I use sudo apt get support.

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Then learn to read at least