About the Bounty Discussion category


This subforum is for discussing and suggesting bounties for RetroArch and other libretro-affiliated projects (cores, etc.).

If you’re interested in starting a new bounty, this is a good place to talk about it to make sure it’s something that jives with the libretro team’s plans/goals and ensure that any bounties will ultimately be mergeable.


I’m fairly new and I requested this before. How do you go about doing a bounty and what does it contain. I would like to have cheat support for PC engine PC engine CD games and turbo Graphics 16. In other words how do I go about making a bounty for that like what website do I go to and how does it work? Thanks


Manorock850 it has been a long time since your post so I won’t tag you but there is now a brief guide to bounties that I hope will answer this question for others in the future: https://docs.libretro.com/development/bounties/