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How can I create a new topic?


I am also wondering how to post a new topic, this retroarch is making me crazy for 3 days now and it continues with the forum now…


im having the same issue!


Has anyone figured out how to create a topic yet? If so, please post a reply so we know how to create a post. Thanks.



I don’t know how to post a question to the forum. Can this direct me as to how?


great support forum - on github it says don’t use github issues and post on forum - registered on forum - wasted half hour - cannot create post…


It’s crazy that it’s this difficult to create a post. I get not wanting spam, but FFS.


High how can I change the save type to EEprom? like in this video? i have a RG351P


this should be posted somewhere easier to find when you are a new user. I honestly have very little experience with a forum like this one and it was driving me crazy. Thank you for your reply I was getting very frustrated.


I just spent an hour , like two posts , still cant post new topic. Will keep trying ( 1 of three replies now :slight_smile:


Users also experiencing this apparent bug could discuss solutions or help report it

I have searched the forums thoroughly and no one is discussing this specific issue.

Topics in this category would include collective discussion of the frequency of users encountering this bug.

Possible solutions, including best way to inform the creators. Reveal what may be a user error in understanding how the “Maximum Auto-Increment Save States to Keep” function functions. This category is needed as the feature is likely to be malfunctioning, and could use a fix.


I have: Gone into 20+ topics, liked more than 5 messages, read more than 50 posts… I have a feeling that this isn’t entirely accurate. … Annoying when you want to ask a question. It’s more likely to get people to go somewhere else rather than try to be part of the community (especially when this isn’t told to you when joining). … Maybe you could replace the welcome message with this to help people (or link them to this thread).

– old486whizz

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I guess I’ll use the Github.

How do I post a topic? I want to try and get help with SNES netplay.