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I feel really dumb but I can not create threads. I can reply; but not start a new thread (was trying to start a thread in the Linux section).

I am assuming it’s because I’m new…??? Just verified my account a few hours ago. Is there something I can do to get my account enabled or do I have to comment on a few items first to build rep points to start new threads?

Sorry to be a P.I.T.A.

Same here. I just created this account to help people who are struggling to create their non supported playlists in Linux, like the Dreamcast playlist, for example.

Correct - the default permissions they have setup is new users cannot create threads immediately, they gain that privilege after completing activities like reading messages and posting responses (as well as aging the account)

Ok je crois qu’on s’est tous fait avoir. :wink: c’est une façon ingénieuse de “nettoyer” le forum

  • List item It’s a stupid idea and only creates more spam forcing people to comment frivolous pointless crap like I am doing right now in order to gain the priviledge to post about what is actually important.
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that is definitely a concern.

I just signed up here to find out if there’s a mechanism for reporting gpl violations - obviously I don’t expect libreto to go around filing lawsuits everywhere but at the bare minimum people selling retroarch via patreon without sharing their source code modifications should probably get a DMCA thrown their way - that’s free and only requires it to be filed by someone who has contributed to any of the GPL licensed code found in their patreon package.

We don’t usually like to go so far as to send takedowns, etc. but if you’d like to PM me a link to the offending patreon, we can take a look.

Not being able to post a thread after joining makes it very hard to get help when Retro Arch isn’t operating correctly. I’ve been struggling for about 2 weeks now and my Linux group can’t help me as they don’t know why Retro Arch isn’t displaying correctly.

I’ve installed Retro Arch 3 different ways on my Linux Mint 21 system and no matter how hard I try the API doesn’t show the letters. Instead when I launch Retro Arch it just shows white blocks.

It’s my hope that maybe the administrators and people that maintain this forum will consider allowing new members to post sooner rather than later.