Access build from 2 PC's at once?

I’ve got 2 Windows 10 PC’s next to eachother. One is my big main rig, connected to my 50" LCD in the living room. The other is a smaller dedicated machine for RetroArch (and launchbox) connected to a 27" CRT right beside the big-screen.

RetroArch (and LaunchBox) are on an 8TB Ext HDD, and once in a while I find I have to swap which computer this is plugged into for a variety of reasons. Thing is it’s kind of a pain in the ass, have to make sure everything is closed, have to eject the drive, have to pull the USB cable out the back of one, and move it to the other one…

Is there a way to access that same drive from 2 computers at once? Has anyone setup a build with a multi-machine focus like that who might have an alternate solution maybe? Just trying to make the swap process easier really.

shared network folder is the first that comes to mind.