Achievements (RetroAchievements) Artwork Missing - RetroArch Android

Dear RetroArch community, dear friends.

I love Retroarch to its core and I use the Non-Playstore version on my handheld console-like Andriod setup (version 1.10.3_GIT).

The achievements (which are a must for me, since I found RetroAchievements, especially hardcore mode) are recognized and work well, but miss all the beautiful artwork they suppose to have.

Tried updating Assets through the Online Updater, but the artwork is still missing.

Is there a solution to it?

I’m immensely enjoying the site and topics so far. :hugs:

Foouuunnnddd IT! It was a “Directory” mishap.

In Settings --> Directory --> Under “Thumbnails”.

Needed to redirect the path back to the “RetroArch” Thumbnails directory in my internal storage.

Great success, RetroAchievements Art is back :hugs: :raised_hands: