Add background behind game playing

Hi all, I want to set a background image when playing game not in menu. Because some games doesn’t fill all screen , I want some background image not black. Please give me any hint or suggestion if you have any idea for this issue. Thanks a lot.


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I got the keyword “overlay”. Thanks a lot!

Hi Ifan, I had used overlay to show background image. in retroarch.cfg input_overlay = “:\overlays\my_bg.cfg” input_overlay_opacity = “0.300000” input_overlay_scale = “1.000000”

in my_bg.cfg overlays = 1 overlay0_descs = 0 overlay0_full_screen = true overlay0_overlay = my_bg.png

But it is input overlay. It will draw in front of my game screen not draw in back of my game screen. How do I set the background overlay not input overlay? Thanks a lot


The overlays are in front of game screen… I think they were created for cellphone to have the joystick buttons on the screen.

I think so. Thanks for your help.

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