Add games details in playlist (genre, rating, ...)

Hi !

First of all big thanks to all the team for developing Retroarch. I discovered it recently and the beauty and simplicity of use totally convinced me to go back deeper in retrogaming!

Concerning the playlists and game database, I may have missed something: in the database search on retroarch there is a section for game category. But some games are not registered here. I tried to use other DAT file when importing a folder, with no improvement on this level (maybe TOSEC files no good for that) , I came to this discussion for the possibility to add information on the playlists files: I try to edit playlist XML file, by adding for instance a “genre” section, but i does not change anything. So : is there a way to add information for games using the database or playlists ? (for instance genre, rating, etc…)

Thanks for All

… On the other hand we may also use other app – such as LaunchBox – linked to retroarch emulation. But no other solution within Retroarch? Thanks

I like this idea too but it may have some drawbacks to it. I know because RetroPie has something similar and it may be what ends up adding some having some extra resource consumption depending on the amount of games and systems. I know RP added that bit of info is that the more systems you have the longer it will be for Emulation Station to start up.

If this is implemented it might need its own database repo with the info for your rom’s. While I do like RetroPie’s implementation the thing I did not like about it is that it has no region detail. Games Scraped will end losing the region in the title.