Add pce.cddavolume Option to PCE-Fast

I find the default CD-DA volume is too low for many games like Ys IV where the sound fx can overpower the awesome background music. In mednafen proper I set pce.cddavolume at it’s highest, 200, and that seems to balance things out well. There’s no option to do that in RetroArch currently.

Hopefully I’m not being too spammy with feature requests/bug reports today :o

I’ll add that.

Thanks, appreciated :slight_smile:

Implemented this along with some more core options.

hi , I use google translate , sorry :slight_smile:

I waited this option , bravo .

but the image with retroarch PC (phoenix) mednafen fast , shifted downwards. missing the pixel

Congratulations for your work , I love retro arch for the system v-syncro , it’s just wonderful .

I was able to test these options now that I can compile. They seem to be wired up wrong. Changing the ADPCM value affects CDDA (CD music) volume, while changing CDDA or CD PSG don’t appear to affect anything. Also, in RGUI pressing right makes those three values go down, while left makes them go up, which is opposite from everything else.

Bumping this since these options still don’t work properly. I dug into the source and managed to find a hacky way to increase CDDA audio by changing line 175 and 176 to / 35000 in libretro-mednafen\mednafen\cdrom\pcecd.cpp:

 ADPCMFadeVolume >>= 6;
 SCSICD_SetCDDAVolume(0.50f * CDDAFadeVolume * CDDAVolumeSetting / 65536, 
	 0.50f * CDDAFadeVolume * CDDAVolumeSetting / 65536);


 ADPCMFadeVolume >>= 6;
 SCSICD_SetCDDAVolume(0.50f * CDDAFadeVolume * CDDAVolumeSetting / 35000, 
	 0.50f * CDDAFadeVolume * CDDAVolumeSetting / 35000);

The lower you make the 65536 value, the higher the CDDA volume becomes. 35000 seemed to strike a good balance between music and sound fx in the games I tested (Ys IV, Rondo of Blood, Lords of Thunder). Changing that value has the side effect that if you change any core options while the PCE core is loaded it wipes your core options file. So don’t touch those if you try this. For all I know it could create some terrible memory leak also, but I haven’t noticed any other problems.

If a dev could please look at this and hopefully make the options work properly it’d be awesome.