Add USB dance mat pad as controller with autoconfig file

Why do this?

You could have two objectives:

  • Play Dance Dance Revolution in MAME or PSX.
  • A challenge to play with your feet a game…


If you have a configuration file for your mat pad you won’t need configurate it every time your plug it.

Main problem

In theory, you can add your configuration in the right folder. However, a lot of devices shares IDs. This means that you can have conflicts between devices. For me, my mat from Aliexpress is detected as “Retro-Bit_Genesis_Saturn_8_Button_Arcade_Pad”. With your device it could be another one.

Step 1, delete troublesome file

And make a backup… You find “Retro-Bit_Genesis_Saturn_8_Button_Arcade_Pad.cfg” in “RetroArch-Win64\autoconfig\dinput”.

Step 2, create a .cfg file

In the same folder create a file with Notepad and extension “cfg”. For me is “Dance_Mat_Pad_Xbox360.cfg”. The content is:

input_driver = “dinput” input_vendor_id = “121” input_product_id = “17” input_device = "USB Gamepad " input_device_display_name = “USB Dance Mat Pad (Xbox 360)”

input_a_btn = “6” input_b_btn = “7” input_x_btn = “4” input_y_btn = “5”

input_back_btn = “8” input_start_btn = “9”

input_up_btn = “2” input_down_btn = “1” input_left_btn = “0” input_right_btn = “3”

input_a_btn_label = “:arrow_upper_right:” input_b_btn_label = “:arrow_upper_left:” input_x_btn_label = “:arrow_lower_right:” input_y_btn_label = “:arrow_lower_left:

input_back_btn_label = “Back” input_start_btn_label = “Start”

input_up_btn_label = “↑” input_down_btn_label = “↓” input_left_btn_label = “←” input_right_btn_label = “→”

If retroarch detects your mat as another controller, you must replace values of “input_vendor_id”, “input_product_id” and “input_device”.

Step 3, Enjoy your configuration

And test if your bottons are correctly mapped…

Some issues about this file

Mapped as an Xbox 360’s mat

I set my controls using as reference a DDR’s mat for Xbox 360. If you want use a distribution of Playstation or Wii you must edit your file.

Maped for Dance Dance Revolution, no compatilbe with Pump It Up.

PIU’s distribution is less usable for another games… But If you can edit your file for this configuration.