Adding new language to RetroArch but building error


Hi Everyone,

Recently I started translate RetroArch in Turkish and I really made progress and our Turkish Retro group really hyped that this is going to happen so I followed eversteps in “Translation doc” but there is a catch so;

So in here line 7 says Open msg_hash.c** later on

Search for the #include “msg_hash_us.h” line and replace it with #include “msg_hash_xx.h”

But there is no #include “msg_hash_us.h” to replace only #include “msg_hash.h”


Even I try to replace #include “msg_hash.h” to #include “msg_hash_tr.h” and try to build it this is going to happen; image

If I leave msg_hash.h by itself and not add anything; image

If I add msg_hash_tr.h below image

Then I removed these stuff and re-compile with ./configure && make

This is full log

And my files here :

Anyone check and compile for me? Atleast we can how its fit?

Thank you!