AetherSX2 as a core in the near future?

Been using this emulator (version alpha-996) on my Shield TV and it works pretty damn good, so far I only tested Castlevania Lament of Innocence and it’s already playing at 100 percent speed most of the time unless there’s too many enemies on screen then it slows down just a little. I was wondering could this possibly be ported over to Retroarch at some point? This emulator already has Play! outclassed by a long shot. It’s amazing to finally have a playable PS2 emulator for Android and I would love to use this on Retroarch with a nice crt shader.

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Nope, it’s closed-source and the author has said he’s not interested in doing a libretro core.

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Lol such is life. Well damn


And his (Tahlreth’s) reasoning is what? Others making money from it? Why would he think people would pay for an illegal pcsx2 port (DamonPS2) instead of downloading a free legit version?

This is sad. It would have been a great addition to RA Android, and maybe even other hardware provided the source code is feasible.