Akumajo Dracula X - Gekka no Yasoukyoku - Castlevania SOTN Saturn

I cannot load the Saturn version of Castelvania Symphony of the night in RetroArch on the Xbox One. I was able to load the game with RetroArch on Windows 10 and on PsVita (same rom and same bios). I used the yabause, yabasanshiro and the bettle saturn cores without any success, on the Saturn dashboard the disk is not recognised, or I can see the only audio 2 tracks. I tried Sonic Racing EU version and it worked.

Could you please let me know if you have any similar issue with this game or with any other Japanese games?

That one is easy to answer : it requires OpenGL, which is unavailable on Xbox One.

Hi, I don’t think the problem is related to the OpenGL as I am able to play with Sonic Racing. When I try to launch Castlevania the Saturn (all three cores) don’t recognize the disc or saying Drive empty. I tested the game on windows and Psvita and everything works fine without any issue.

Does this mean Parallel N64 is impossible to add to Xbox One Retroarch? Mupen64plus next just won’t play the Star Wars games. Unless there’s a setting in Mupen64plus next that allows Rogue Squadron and Battle for Naboo to show video? Shadows of the Empire works great except for the 3rd level (Asteroid) as there is apparently a layering issue. Thanks again for any input!

:roll_eyes: I don’t know… I am trying to run the Saturn version of Castlevania Symphony of the night on the Xbox One. Since now I never tried any N64 games…