Altered Beast has the same issue in FBA and iMAME4all


Having a lot of fun with RetroArch on my Linux box right now, but there’s a puzzling issue with the game Altered Beast. Some enemies don’t disappear when they die and the sprites remain on screen. I would normally dismiss this as an issue with the emulator itself, but both FBA and iMAME4all libraries behave the same. The iOS and Android versions of iMAME4all don’t do this, so it looks like it has something to do with the libretro API?

Not being a developer I don’t understand how this stuff actually works, but it appears to affect the PS3 build also:

Can anyone shed any light? I’m not asking anyone to work on a fix, just curious about how such an issue can be common to both emulators under libretro?


1 - Your issue with Altered Beast is probably endian issues in FBA. Lantus did most of the big-endian patches for FBA - a lot of games might still have endian issues. The best thing to do is to report them so that somebody can finally get around to patching the drivers for big-endian.

2 - That link you posted links to a very old version of RetroArch on PS3. Anyway, new version will be released this week.

Thanks for the quick response. I did not suspect the issue was specific to FBA, hence it consistently appears using iMAME4all as the emulator back-end too. I will add it to the list of bugs.

I was using the GIT version of RetroArch (my own build from source on Linux) but have since verified it on 0.9.8-beta2. I will give the Windows build a try to see if it’s the same.

Edit: bug raised here:

That bug is in the wrong place though - you should make it an ‘issue’ in the fba-libretro repo.

Oops, sorry about that. I have moved it:

Although it appears in iMAME4all as well, I dare say if it can be fixed in FBA it will be fixed for MAME also. I hope it’s not a major bug; I’m sure we’d rather not have to resort to the Genesis version… “WISE FROM YOUR GWAVE!” :slight_smile: