Always Crashing in Banjo Tooie at the same spot

Hi there,

retroarch always crashes/closes itself whenver I enter the train station in witchyworld. Does anybody know more about this problem and how to solve it?

Core: mupen64plus from git

what happens if you use interpreter?

Sorry but what is interpreter?

In the core options. change the “dynamic recompiler” to “pure interpreter”

I already used cached interpreter. Switched to pure interpreter. Still crashes. No error but memory access error. Do you have Banjo Tooie and could test that spot if it works for you? Or anybody else? I always get this 100% reproducable.

I would like to test and i even downloaded a complete save file but i have no idea how to reach the train station you are talking about.

Dunno if a save state will work, my states don’t work every time i update the core.

Maybe you could upload a video of how to get there from the first area of the game?

Move forward, in the middle of the houses there is this metal bunker door. Get in there, third choice(Pine Grove). Forward into the open fence. Witchyworld. In witchyworld move forward until you see a large circus tent. Move behind it(like straight through it but behind it as an obstacle.) In the area you reach there is a high ladder and a waterbath to jump in. In the wall behind it are two caves. Take the right(green lighted) one. Move in it until the game loads the next area which is the station. Never moved longer in that room than 10seconds without retroarch crashing.

Thanks, followed your instructions and found the train room.

Got inside played around for a minute or two, didn’t get a crash. I noticed there was no train there so i called it. Then moved around a bit, got outside and re-enter. Got into the back cabin and the front engine, then to the main train room again. I waited a bit, played around, but i didn’t get any crash.

I don’t have any special settings. Maybe the issue is your ROM? Try a different one i’m using the (US)(!) one.

I didn’t even fix the train yet so I can not call it. I got an english ROM( I renamed it to say Banjo-Tooie only and don’t remember more, sha256checksum is 9ec37fba6890362eba86fb855697a9cff1519275531b172083a1a6a045483583). Maybe I can give you my savestate?

Point is i don’t get a crash in the train station, whether the train is there or not.

I could test your save state but i doubt i will be able to load it.

So it seems like I am the only one getting this error. No idea how to find out why, though…