Am I the only one having issues for months now

I searched/skimmed the forums for ANY thread that described issues similar to what has been happening with me, and found nothing useful. What’s going on, you ask?

-Every task fails in the Online Updater -When I uninstall/reinstall, RetroArch crashes when I attempt to download any core -Any attempts to scan directories complete stall out

And these issues crop up on the Steam as well. Considering that I hadn’t altered anything, it’s confusing and disheartening to have been trying to run the program to no avail for months now…

tbh since core updates failed for …my taste to often maybe 3-2 month ago ,

i download anything now from the buildbot page each time

it could be my connection in some wired kind i thought ,

cuz no one else mentioned anything

sry i can´t help besides mention that i have/had trouble too

don´t know how it is now as i said i use build bot now :sweat_smile:

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I’m sure there are plenty of people willing and able to help. :grin:

You’ll need to provide some more info first, like OS and hardware. If you can manage to get a log that would also be good.


I’m on a 2022 HP Envy running Windows 11, if that helps

What else might you need to know?

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That helps, we know you are running on Windows and that your system should run it.

Can you try to get a log?

The log will be in Retroarch/logs/retroarch.log. View it and paste it here surrounded by backticks to make it easy to read.

Restart retroarch once you enable logging and try to crash it.

So, I finally came back to this after a looooonnnnnnng couple of weeks. After switching the Logging settings, it seems to be working just fine so far…I’ll update here if anything goes awry, but wanna say thanks for the assistance

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