AMD Micro Computers like Raspberry Pi


Are there any Microcomputers powered by AMD that are similar to Raspberry Pi? I am looking to make a handheld game console that runs a Custom Lakka Distro or Custom Android Distro. I have one designed, but it uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W. It will not only play games, but also sync into a Base Console or connect directly to a TV through HDMI. The price of it is about $180 itself (list still being compiled) and will have a touch screen. It currently has 64 GB of SD storage, a 8MP camera and a microphone. The Base console will use an AMD A8 Quad Core Processor at 3.1 GHz with 4GB RAM and onboard Radeon R7 graphics, 160 GB Storage, 802.11b/g/n wifi, 1x10/100/1000 Mbps LAN, and 2 front USB 3.0 Ports. It will have its own controller, but I am looking to make a controller that can both sync to a base console and be a portable at the same time, and running a Processor I could trust a little better (I don’t trust the Raspberry Pi Zero’s CPU to play very many games available for Lakka/Linux or Android).


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