An impossible wish

Well, i own a moderately old PC which i guess i gathered it altogether around 2011 12 ish, it wasn’t that perfect but, it did the job for day by day use and multimedia, it has 3rd Gen Core i3 4GB of 1333 Ram And a low end nVidia GPU in it So, recently i managed to find a CPU and GPU for that PC for a very reasonable price, it’s a Core i7 3770 which was a high end CPU back then, and i also got 2x 8GB 1600 MHz ram and an AMD RX 560 4GB GPU, and a good looking PC Case Well, yes it’s not much of a PC these days but it can handle RetroArch and upto Wii U emulation 1080p upscale and of course 4k Video playback

Nowadays this PC is equivalent with a low end Core i3 10100F which over exceeds my 10 years old Core i7

I know that it sounds stupid, believe me i know but, has anyone ever wished that, if we could time travel, go to the next 15 years, grab a mid range PC and just get back to our time and just play games like a king for the next 10 to 15 years and u never ever have to touch or upgrade that PC ? I mean i really wish that, somehow i could do that and, imagine playing AAA Games with highest level of detail as possible for the next 10 to 12 years of ur life and, even then u can still keep it for few years to come, woww, i can’t stress that enough how much i become excited when i even talk about this subject

Well, in overall i know it’s stupid i should’ve never talked about it but, i don’t know why somehow i liked sharing this thought with other people so, maybe someone (probably not) having the same thought as me

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heh, i know how you feel. I always operate about a decade behind the times as far as PC hardware is concerned.


Yeah exactly lol me too I mean yes i own an XBOX Series X but, when it comes to PC i’m always way behind

If you could time travel, i have a better idea for you. Get a cheap smartphone and a 256GB mini SD. Fill it with emulators and roms of console and arcade games. Go back to the early 90’s/late 80’s. Show everyone every game that exists in their timeline along with a ton of future games and a few warehouses worth of arcade cabinets and state of the art games, all stored in that tiny card that’s smaller than your fingernail. Enjoy their reactions.

While you are at it, show them photos, videos and other media this future device is able to handle. Remember, at the time, even a low-res digital photo with true colors was something only high-end workstation computers were able to produce and store a few of them. Now show them your gallery worth of 50GB of photos and videos in HD quality.

But remember. Just show them. Don’t let them play games with it. You don’t want them to know how future generations are tolerating touch controls… You might cause humanity to not want to reproduce anymore.


Well, honestly now that u mentioned this, i now realize that, we have many things which we should be thankful of, i remember in those era i was dreaming of recording my bday with a camcorder, there were huge and so expensive people could barely adopt it for their kid’s birthday Nowadays u can record every great moment in ur life with what’s in ur hand

I remember we were buying a cartridge once in a month and maybe even 2 months, and then praying to god so that game would worth our money and not be a garbage and Nowadays, we can access to them and enjoy them as cheap as possible and even if ur not a fan of emulation there is other solutions out there.

I remember when i first saw a polygon game which was in a PS1 i guess, it was so expensive at first it arrived and i was dreaming of playing Tekken and other stuff and i had to pay a ton for import fees cause there were none of them officially available here

I remember having ur own TV was a big deal back then, maybe not for some people but, for me and many kids it was actually a thing, nowadays LCD panels are so cheap, u can put 1 in every room u got

I remember u needed to go a mile to a blockbuster to rent a movie and even that, on ur way home u were praying to god that this would’ve worth ur time and effort, nowadays there’s Netflix, Hulu and other trash streaming services, heck u can even get none and download everything for less than a Cent

I remember we needed to beg our parents and spend a ton of Cents to play a decent quality game on a huge ass Arcade Machine and when u lose the game it’s game over and ur money is gone

And there’s even more but i don’t wanna waste anyone’s time

Wowww, u made me remember many things that i’m not thankful enough to have, life is great while ur at it xD

Computer Chronicles is a nice way to time travel. This is a very interesting way to see how things changed. This video in particular shows Tomb Raider running on a PC of the era running at something like 10 FPS or so and that was acceptable, note that this TV Show was already running for over a decade by that point and we would expect the ‘experts’ and companies to send their best equipment to show their products. It’s a great way to not only be thankful for what we’ve got technologically, but how people change, clothing, way of thinking, how we perceive the world and it’s also normal to see them trying to predict what will be the next standards. In my opinion, nothing has changed, or you may say evolved, like 1989 to 1999 or if you prefer 1990 to 2000, you start the decade with DOS and end up with very capable CPUs and GPUs, from that point on, it was just a matter of making it smaller and adding new ways to interact with the technology, as even LCDs already existed before the turning of the century/millenium. It’s kinda funny watching a late 80’s episode, when they interviewed suit and tie Jack Tramiel and people of the same caliber showing how their new PC is capable of reproducing an Amiga bouncing ball “with sound” on screen. Back then, everyone watched these super rich and high tech skill guys thinking how amazing and alien all that was, “this is the future”, it comes to show us how we also perceive things in a very limited way, depending on the time we’re living.

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I’ll check it out thanks