Android and Retroarch: Bugs,Netplay,and good ideas

Hiya !

Theres one thing lasting for years but seems unnoticed !

Here it comes:


-When Super Mario runs…-


No matter which core or emulator. In Super Mario World, when Mario runs theres lag ! Can take a while, yes you run right to left, no matter. But there is this short lag or tearing which you can see. This transfers to all Snes games like i.e. Aero the acrobat.

This still isnt repaired ! By all scenemembers, i ask why ?

Please reply, is there any hope ?

LG G7 Thinq

My beloved phone. And nothing on it lags in any way else it flys off it. Except my testroms.

Lag kills the gamefeeling, lightbike said.

Ehm. Me again. Sooo…

Some good thoughts and some bugs.

Well, to say it, Pcsxrearmed 32 is, i think, the finest core in Android. Lagless with a sweet antialising and, naturally local netplay.

Now,thats how it must be. The Playstore, full of games that are downloadable on devices which can never handle them lagless like Ark, which could i mean never run lagless on Sd845 with quadchannel ram. A big thing. Wow ! Or is it the driver on pie or the gpu which are missing the vk 8 and 16 bit interface on a Sd845 ?

But the core has a bad lag in Nfs3 and Kings field. The game freezes every few meters away to load after. Hope this gets addressed.

Another mean bean is, that Dc runs. Except described hiccups. Why ? Is this bandwidth related ?Ps2 has no oit. Is there hope or is the Sd845 the sweet end with atari to Sega Saturn and N64 ?

I would load the maps from Microprose’s Xcom 1 and 2 for pc and would stretch the diagonal items to plain, convert them to a wad. Maybe making it realtime after.


And, where is the Internetradio core ?