Android FBA core hotkey for combo buttons not available?!

Hi there When I reinstall retroarch on my phone I note set hotkey for combo buttons no longer exists? Half year ago I can launch the game then pause . go option set combo buttons like A+B+C in king of fighters 97 with L2

Now under option dashboard there’s no combo button set available

Do I missed something?

Also the savestates I made half year ago some of them work some are not Why this happens? I mean the version of retroarch total are same 1.7.5 apk May I ask why?

Thank you!

It can happen when you update the core, savestate compatibility are unrelated to retroarch version.

It is core related. Saves that work with for example .38 FBA version, will not work with .43 version of FBA.

On the topic of the a+b+c combo, i made a custom overlay for the KOF games with a+b+c as a fifth button (it is the settings button on the far right part of the screen). It is made for the Fba core version .38

You have to set the overlay to landscape 4 buttons.