Android Nightly discussion thread


MAME requires having exactly the right ROMs for the version of the core/program you’re trying to use. With RetroPie, were you using the libretro cores or standalone MAMEs?

Other than that, we’d need a log to guess what’s going wrong.


Thanks for the quick response with the Retropie I have all roms in the Mame4All … I am trying to put them on my android box and they do not seem to work… From what I remember mame4all was based on 0.37 but I think this may be wrong as I choose the Mame 2000 core on android retroarch and it does not work :frowning:


If you can try them using the lr-mame2000 core in retropie, that should act the same as the libretro core in Android.


Thanks Hunterk,

I tried it no good… I just downloaded a reference set of 37B5 and Mame 2003 and FBA see how things go I might have a fauly retroarch core who know I have restalled it 3 times no like justa blue screen with a light green box and it hangs :frowning:

But an update… I installed Mame4droid and it works with the same romset on about 60% of the games some that done work state that missing rom or CHD file. but I got a complete set… will keep persisting !


Hey guys, having issues with NES roms on RetroArch. I’m running RetroArch on a new Android Tv box, the A95X. I’m not having any problems with SNES, SEGA or N64 roms, they all work perfectly.

On the other hand, all my NES roms load fine. I’m able to toggle through all the initial menus. However, a split second before actual game play is about to start, RetroArch crashes and closes. I’m guessing it’s some kind of settings issue, possibly resolution. Any suggestions? Keep in mind my computer knowledge is close to non-existent.


New guy here. What are nightly builds exactly?


Retroarch is working wonders in my Android phone (which I hook to the TV), but is there any reason why gpSP core isn’t working? I download the core, it has its info files under data/data/com.retroarch/info, I checked directories config, etc., but loading this core doesn’t do anything. It’s like Retroarch is loading an empty file.


gpsp has a dynarec that hasn’t been updated for android 6+


Thanks for posting info on the gpsp core, I was wondering myself why it’s not working