Android Nightly discussion thread

Android nightlies are now available. The nightlies have no cores included but you should be able to fetch the cores from the core updater in RGUI


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Again, congratulations to the developpers for Libretro/Retroarch

I’m having issues with the latest nighlies (including the last I downloaded yesterday, the 15th of march) The app crash after about 3 minutes of gaming. I would like to give you more info, but I don’t know where to find the log

My device is a TV ANdroid Box, with RK3188 core, and Kitkat 4.4.2



you’ll need to get an app for logcat. there are tons of free options, thankfully :slight_smile:


Hello I downloaded Catlog, and there’s many lines displayed at screen, but I don’t know which line would be useful for you ?



get the whole thing and either put into pastebin (or something similar) and paste a link here or enclose the whole thing in

 bbcode blocks and it will make a scrollable window inside of your post.

Sadly mupen64 still doesn’t work on note 2 or any mali400 device I think, still I love the psx core.

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OK here is the crash log : (Happened with nighly 15-03-2015, with Genesis Core after maybe 2 minutes, but can happen with PSX core, SNES core, FBA, Mame, etc…) Mupen 64 doesn’t work at all on my RK3188 device, android 4.4.2

I found something useful : i swiched audio driver to rsound, and it seems to be ok : no more crash after a few minutes. Does it make sense ?

Sure, could be stalling on the audio and then crashing because the system thinks it’s unresponsive… or something. Anyway, whatever works :slight_smile:

Did anyone have luck with netplay? I tried with FCEumm, Genesis GX Plus, SNES9x, same roms, builds and cores - doesn’t matter, connection is lost as soon as I start client on 2nd device.

Btw, why does ‘Core Information’ menu show nothing in nightlies? It was useful to see if bios files are accepted by the core.

Apparently a bug: you have to choose ‘Apply Shader Changes’ in Shader Options when you switch between bilinear and point filtering in Video Settings. Otherwise nothing happens.

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I still have the crash : last day i tried sound driver Rsound with sucess, but I’ve no more sound with it now ! So I go back to Opensl and Retroarch crash after a short amount of time.


I confirm the bug told by [email protected][email protected]

A couple things I’ve noticed with recent nightlies:

  1. Controller autoconfig files are missing. Seems to be recent, related to the build process changing the copying of the asset files when building.
  2. Loading shader presets seems to be broken (doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell). I’m not sure when this broke since I don’t normally play much around with this stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

To clarify regarding the shaders - making individual shader changes works just fine for me, but loading shader presets doesn’t seem to do anything (doesn’t replace the current shader pipeline with what’s defined in the preset).

If a shader preset fails to do anything, that usually means that specific one failed to compile. What were you trying to load?

Hmmmm… shader preset loading seems to be fine again so I’m not sure what was going on there. However, now input is broken. :stuck_out_tongue: I can navigate fine in RGUI with the autoconfig stuff and the auto-mapped controls appear right in the input bindings in RGUI but nothing is responding in-game (with the latests 3/23 nightly - input is fine on 3/22 once I copy an appropriate autoconfig file into /data/data/com.retroarch/autoconfig/android/).

I’ll try on the next nightly build (even if that means another one triggered later today) since I see the input issue should now be fixed (but based on the commit’s time isn’t in the ~2 AM build).

Confirmed fixed, having just wasted another 25 minutes of my life playing through the Genesis Golden Axe. :stuck_out_tongue:

The latest cores have a mismatch in their name compared to what the info metadata files have (extra _android at the end). As such they don’t have their ‘friendly’ names showing in the Android ‘Manage Cores’ section, and more importantly, they don’t have their file types associated with them for purposes of loading content through core detection. If I select a core first, then no problem but this really shouldn’t be necessary given it wasn’t until this latest build. :stuck_out_tongue:

I confirm the bug (crash) with the sound driver on my RK3188 TV box. With driver “Null” I have no problem, but no sound !


HAs something changed in the sound driver, because I used previous version without this kind of issue…