[Android] ParaLLEl Core - crash on close content


Hi folks, just a heads up. I recently completely wiped my Android console and fresh installed Retroarch with up to date cores as per the core updater

I notice when using the ParaLLEl core, the game will open and play fine. However when you are done and select “close content” via the menu, Retroarch just force quits completely to the desktop. I haven’t noticed this behaviour on other cores at this stage.

Many thanks.


This happens to me too, on my Android console (GPD XD) with Parallel core.


It happened to me and the core settings would never save because of this. Happens on both GL and Vulkan.


On the latest nightly and I have this problem too. Any idea if there was a date this didn’t happen?


The same here on a shield tv


:confused: Hate to not be able to offer anything to help fix it but I’ll bump this topic by saying I have the same problem. It happens on Lakka occasionally when I choose “close content” and I have to reboot my computer to fix it.


Same problem here, crash when close content on android and don’t save the options.


I can also confirm this issue.


This also happened to me when I used the core; I have an Android Oreo phone.


It’s related to the dynarec. If you can change it to cached interpreter and still maintain full speed, that should fix it. However, since it crashes on exit, it’s hard to get that option to stick. You can add it manually to the retroarch-core-options.cfg file in a text editor, or, if you have a 64-bit capable device, you can load RetroArch-64 and it defaults to it (and indeed doesn’t even have a working dynarec).

I use the 64-bit version with no dynarec on my Shield ATV and get no crashes.


This happens to me too and is causing a ton of problems. First of all, it’s filling up a core dump folder and it’s taking up a ton of space. We really need a fix for this!